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#WellBeingWednesday – Guest Blog Featuring Dr. Hillary Wolfe of Tula Veterinary Nutrition

This week I am excited to welcome our next guest blogger: Dr. Hillary Wolfe, Owner of Tula Veterinary Nutrition!

Dr. Wolfe and I actually attended undergraduate together at the University of Central Florida and connected through the Pre-Vet Society! We bonded over our shared love of protecting our planet, which led us to found and create the Knights for Marine and Wildlife Conservation at UCF together! As we both moved into our careers, I was working as a trainer at SeaWorld when Hillary was participating in a veterinary internship at the park!

We’ve continued to stay in touch over the years and are both on our own entrepreneurial journeys! I can’t wait to share more about her business where she combines scientific research and years of her own expertise to develop custom diet plans using a holistic approach – one that support a pet’s whole well-being and sets them up for a long and healthy life!

Melyssa: Hillary, thanks so much for taking the time to be part of our guest blog series! I know that I’ve seen your journey unfolding over the years, but can you please share your story with us for our readers to get to know you?

Dr. Wolfe: I started out as a kennel technician/veterinary assistant in 2007 during undergrad and was accepted into veterinary school in 2011. I graduated k-state with my DVM in 2015, so I’ve been practicing for just under a decade now! For the first 4 years I was an associate veterinarian at two different practices, and then jumped into the world of relief work after that. In 2020 I developed a deep passion for pet nutrition, as I realized that vet med tends to save nutrition discussion until a pet is sick and needs a prescription diet (when it should be at the forefront of care). Since then I have completed a variety of advanced nutrition certifications and started my own pet nutrition consulting business, Tula Veterinary Nutrition. I love helping pet parents optimize their pet’s nutrition for heath and longevity!

Melyssa: You already know that I am passionate about helping humans improve their nutrition habits so I LOVE what you are doing with your business! So what current habits do you currently have to help support your well-being and performance in your life and work?

Dr. Wolfe: Relief work and starting my own business has made a tremendous impact on my mental health. As an associate I was burned out, depressed, and contemplated how I could get out of the profession. Finding my passion in pet nutrition and placing heavy emphasis on prioritizing my own nutrition and fitness are some of the top ways I support my well-being. Morning sunrise walks, yoga, and 30-60 minutes of daily exercise are non-negotiable for me! I’m also very spiritual – my relationship with Jesus has been the biggest game changer for me when it comes to my mental health and perspective on life in general.

Melyssa: Wow! What a transformation that sounds like it has been for you along your journey in veterinary medicine! It sounds like you’ve really taken some time to figure out what kinds of habits are helpful for you. We already know that the industry of veterinary medicine is a high stress, demanding occupation that leaves you pretty short on time. What tips would you like to share with other busy vet pros about prioritizing self-care and well-being?

Dr. Wolfe: It has to be non-negotiable! For me, getting to bed on time is the biggest factor in how my next day is going to go. Getting to bed on time, getting 8 solid hours of sleep, and waking early enough to fit in time for what brings you joy (a walk, journaling, yoga, whatever it may be) makes a huge difference. Don’t wait until the end of a busy, exhausting day to try to fill an empty tank with what energy you have left. Fill your tank BEFORE you spend the rest of your day caring for animals and their parents!

Melyssa: Ooooh I love that you share how to be more proactive with focusing on self-care habits! Especially sleep, that is a big one that can help set you up for the next day with the energy you need to feel your best and perform optimally! I know you shared that you’ve previously experienced burnout, depression, and questioning if you would stay working in vet med…what words of encouragement would you like to share with any vet pros that might be facing a challenging time right now?

Dr. Wolfe: You have the power to make your career what you want it to be. Never did I think upon graduation that I would be where I am now – a fully self-employed veterinarian without having to own a practice! Find your passion and go for it.

Melyssa: Well Hillary, I know that our readers are going to walk away with a lot of value from this blog today thanks to you! If you would like to learn more about Dr. Wolfe and her work with Tula Veterinary Nutrition, make sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram!

PS: I couldn’t wrap up this blog without sharing a fun memory about Hillary with Buddy! 😆 So a big part of my story with Buddy was constantly trying to battle his separation anxiety…and it got so bad one time that he snapped his lower canine in half trying to escape his Impact crate!!! 🫣

When Buddy needed a canine extraction from this incident, I didn’t trust him with anyone else besides Hillary! I was such a paranoid dog mom and I knew that he would be in the best hands if she was the one doing his surgery! Even better was I received multiple snapchat updates from her while Buddy’s was getting prepped for and recovering from his dental procedure! 😆 So grateful to have been connected with Hillary early on in Buddy’s life and getting to share these kinds of memories together! 🩵


Dr. Hillary Wolfe is a Florida native, raised in Orlando, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Central Florida. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she moved to Manhattan, Kansas to attend veterinary school at Kansas State University. During her clinical year, she was awarded for demonstrating exceptional compassion towards her clients and has continued to place emphasis on this throughout her years of practice. She has a strong interest in integrative medicine and aims to find and treat the root cause of illness in pets for the best clinical outcome. In 2021 she started her own pet nutrition consulting business, Tula Veterinary Nutrition, through which she offers complete and balanced recipes and commercial diet plans for dogs and cats. When not in the clinic, she can be found kayaking, roller blading, practicing yoga, and relaxing at the beach. She also spends plenty of time with her two dogs Ada and Taquito and two cats Stormy and Sofia.

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