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Let's face it - sometimes these topics can be SOOOO boring to learn about! That's why I strive to always incorporate an approach of "edutainment" - education along with entertainment - to my speaker sessions and workshops. Whether it's trivia style, punny jokes, or just being a plain ole' goofball, I am passionate about sharing this important information in a way that my attendees walk away from the sessions inspired to engage the knowledge learned into their own lifestyles!

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"She spoke to my veterinary mentorship cohort about wellness for new vets. She gave practical advice that was backed by science and data, and made it accessible for everyone. She is extremely positive while acknowledging and understanding the stressors faced by people in the veterinary profession. If you're looking for a speaker who understands wellness and the veterinary profession, I highly recommend Melyssa!
-Dr. Dani Rabwin, Ready Vet Go Founder

"Melyssa is such a fun and engaging speaker!"

"I had the pleasure of sharing Melyssa's considerable expertise in lifestyle medicine with my company's community of veterinarians. She created an engaging, smart, and actionable webinar to help support wellness in the veterinary profession. We received great feedback on the experience and look forward to sharing more of her expertise with our members!" — Dr. Cindy Trice, Relief Rover Founder

"She created an engaging, smart, and actionable webinar!"

"Her depth of knowledge and positive outlook is an inspiration. She truly brings passion and compassion to everything she does.
I very much look forward to working with her in the future." — Heather A.

"Melyssa is a genuine pleasure to work with!"

Why should you care about your staff understanding how to adopt health promoting habits??

Through the creation of positive health habits using lifestyle medicine, veterinary professionals will feel empowered to transform their behaviors, engaged in making positive changes, and encouraged to prioritize their self-care.

With an understanding of how we tend to know what we should do to take care of ourselves, it can be a struggle to actually do those things! I could try to tell you what to do until I'm blue in the face - but I'm not here to be the "expert," I'm here to be your coach during my presentations. By taking the coach approach, I help veterinary professionals understand and accept their starting point, invite them to explore what is most meaningful in their lives, brainstorming various strategies and skills to support their well-being and begin designing their unique action plan for success!

Our Approach

Topics Available

  • PAVING the Path to Wellness for Veterinary Professionals**
  • Stress First Aid For Veterinary Professionals**
  • Building Your P.A.W.S. Plan: Positive Actions for Well-being and Self-care
  • VET CARE: Compassionate Care For Yourself
  • VET CALM: Stress Less With Mindfulness
  • VET VITALITY: Mindful, Value-Based Living For Veterinary Professionals
  • VET CARE: Self-Compassion for Veterinary Professionals
  • VET REST: Healthy Sleep Habits for Veterinary Professionals
  • Bringing Lifestyle Medicine To Veterinary Medicine
  • Be Kind To Your Mind: Strategies For Promoting Mental Well-Being
  • Let's Get PAWSitive: Using Positive Psychology To Enhance Veterinary Well-Being
  • Custom presentations also available!

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