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Get ready to unLEASH your PAWSitive well-being transformation with a community of like-minded veterinary professionals looking for inspiration, motivation, and encouragement!
Here's what's included:
✔   Monthly membership coaching calls
✔   Monthly resource content drops (workbooks, mini-courses, videos, etc.)
✔   Private community on Slack
✔   Access to archived and upcoming programs
✔   Goal tracking, reminders, and private messaging with your coach, Melyssa, through the Healthie app

Join our Well-Being Buddies Membership!

I wanted to create a space where veterinary professionals could learn skills to cope with the challenges of the job, to discover their strengths and leverage them in all aspects of their lives, and to connect with other people in vet med who have a desire to stay in love or fall in love with the profession again!

And that is exactly why I decided to create the Well-Being Buddies membership! It is an affordable and accessible way for vet pros to focus on their health, well-being, and performance!
It's another heartfelt extension of Buddy's legacy into the world, where veterinary professionals who want to be part of a movement of pawsitive change within the culture of vet med can connect and strive towards health and happiness, together!  

What is the Well-Being Buddies membership?

professionals - $29/month

students - $11/month

You can absolutely join the Well-Being Buddies Membership! If you work within the veterinary industry, you are welcome to join - everyone needs well-being in their lives!

What if i don't work in a clinical setting anymore?

Out of anyone, I KNOW how annoying technology can be! Feel free to email me at and I'll be happy to help!

What if i have issues with the membership platform?

Click the button below to purchase the plan that you qualify for!

How do i join?

Overall, you will learn behavioral and psychological skills to support your well-being to experience benefits like: better managing stress, improving physical health, boosting your mood, finding a positive and supportive community, and more!

What are some benefits I can expect?

The monthly coaching calls allow you to ask questions about the membership content and participate in on-the-spot coaching, and engaging in our private community where you can find inspiration, ask for suggestions and solutions, and connect with other veterinary professionals across the world!

WHAt CAN I EXPECT from the membership?

No problem! You can cancel at any time you need to - your membership will last through the end of your payment period and you can renew again at any time. Check out our Membership Agreement for additional details!

what if i need to cancel?

Frequently Asked Questions

professionals - join now!

students - Join now!