Our business and logo are inspired by my sweet senior golden lab mix, Buddy, who I was lucky enough to have in my life for almost 13 amazing years! That is his paw print on my hand in our logo (I know, I know...don't cry!), and we strive to bring Buddy's goofy energy and ability to comfort into our programs and services.

In addition to the fun stuff, we also have the fancy stuff too! We provide comprehensive therapeutic lifestyle solutions to support veterinary professionals with improving well-being, enhancing resilience, and optimizing performance through positive changes in mindset, lifestyle, and behavior.

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With a background as an animal trainer, mental health professional, and health & wellness coach, Melyssa's diverse experience has given her the chance to work with numerous populations - from first responders & combat veterans, cancer patients & survivors, and healthcare workers.

Melyssa has dedicated her business to educate, empower, and encourage positive lifestyle changes so vet pros can cultivate habits that support health and well-being!

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Choose from a diverse range of well-being topics to bring an engaging, interactive workshop to your veterinary teams


From digital products to online courses, we provide educational experiences through self-coaching programs and resources

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Well-being coaching focuses on transforming lifestyle behaviors and thought patterns to support your health, performance, and happiness







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Our mission for the Veterinary Well-Being Buddy is to provide resources and experiences that enhance the lives and well-being of veterinary professionals, teams, and organizations. We strive to "buddy" up with the individuals who desire to be positive change makers within veterinary medicine to cultivate an industry that encourages veterinary professionals to prioritize self-care and well-being.


Positivity | Compassion | Empowerment | Wellness | Humor


Hear From Our Clients

"I have been able to reset my mindset and focus on why I love this profession and why it’s important to me. She has also taught me things I wish I had learned 30 years ago about overall wellness! I have a much more optimistic view about my veterinary career and I have been able to navigate changes successfully with techniques I learned from her."

kristine u.
Dvm | coaching client

"Melyssa is such a fun and engaging speaker! She is extremely positive while acknowledging and understanding the stressors faced by people in the veterinary profession. If you're looking for a speaker who understands wellness and the veterinary profession, I highly recommend Melyssa!"

dani rabwin, dvm
ready vet go | workshop client