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Are you a dedicated veterinary professional who tirelessly cares for your furry patients day in and day out? It's time to turn the tables and prioritize your own well-being, and our Vet Self-Care Checklist is here to help you do just that!

✔   Define and understand self-care
✔   Reflect on your current practices
✔   Create your personal checklist
✔   Invest in yourself, elevate your career!

Veterinary Self-Care Checklist

When you prioritize your own well-being, you'll experience a positive ripple effect in every aspect of your life, including your career! Our Checklist empowers you to invest in yourself, enabling you to bring your best self to your veterinary practice.

Select from our list of 40 suggested self-care practices (or come up with your own!), ranging from enjoyable hobbies to mindfulness practices, and create a plan that works best for you!

Take a moment to pause and reflect on your current self-care habits…are you truly giving yourself the attention and care you deserve? Our Checklist prompts you to assess your current practices and identify areas where you can make positive changes!

Self-care isn't a one-size-fits all it's up to YOU to discover what self-care practices provide you the greatest benefits! Building a habit of self-care starts with small, intentional steps. You'll be able to create a personalized self-care checklist that aligns with your needs and preferences.

While the practice of self-care isn't a quick fix solution to challenges, like burnout, it can help buffer the effects of the occupational stressors you face on a regular basis.

Self-care isn’t all about bubble baths and massages (although we do love those too!), and we share valuable insights into how practical self-care can enhance your resilience, improve your performance, and bring more joy into your career!

Ready to build your own pawsitive habits of self-care?