PAVING the Path to Wellness is our signature program to empower veterinary professionals to thrive with a healthy body, peaceful mind, and joyful heart. Based on the principles of lifestyle medicine, the PAVING program focuses on the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - with the goal of empowering individuals to live healthier lives with a sense of purpose!

PAVING the Path to Wellness for Veterinary Professionals

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Enjoy this free resource from our signature group well-being coaching program! The PAVING STEPSS Wheel identifies all 12 areas of growth and focus for the program.
  • For a healthy body we focus on physical activity, nutrition, and sleep.
  • The emphasis on purpose, social connection, and energy help us have a joyful heart. For a peaceful mind, stress resiliency, attitude, and time outs are important.
  • To make all of this work and make progress, our action steps include goals, investigations, and variety.

Download our free PAVING Wheel worksheet!