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It's time to unleash habits that support your health and well-being!
Features include:

✔   20-page workbook
✔   Habit tracker on the Healthie app
✔   9-weeks of follow-up emails
✔   Special surprise for completing our post-program survey!
✔   Don't need it for yourself? You can gift it to a fellow vet pro!

PAWSitive Habits Workbook

Complete our post-program survey and you can receive a special gift as a thank you for participating!


The workbook includes pages to track your habits or you can use the goal tracking feature of the Healthie app!


Plan out your own habit loop for which changes you desire to make and how you will make them happen!

Action Plan

Identify which habits you want to change in your life through hepful reflection prompts.


This section introduces helpful tips for habit change, whether you are breaking or making habits!

Habit hacking

Learn about what the habit loop is and how it will help you develop new habits and break old habits!

The Habit loop

What does the workbook cover?

Buy it now — $44

The Pawsitive Habits Workbook serves as your personal guide to cultivating confidence, boosting motivation, and creating a tailored action plan to change your habits. Through educational sections, reflection prompts, and weekly follow-up emails, you'll receive the information and support you need to achieve habit changes to enhance your well-being as a veterinary professional! 🐾

What is the Pawsitive Habits Workbook?

Buy it now — $44