The Why

“Effective health promotion strategies need to be implemented to reduce the risk factors for burnout and compassion fatigue, and should include efforts from the organizational, practice/collegial, and individual levels.”

Lovell, B. L., & Lee, R. T. (2013). Burnout and health promotion in veterinary medicine. The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 54(8), 790.

Healthy lifestyle behaviors play a very important role in promoting both emotional and physical well-being and provide a reciprocal, reinforcing link with positive emotions to help buffer the impacts of burnout (Rippe, 2020; Lianov, 2021).


Case Study

  • BEFORE COACHING... "I was in a really bad place with my depression. There were days I couldn't get out of bed and I felt like I could never get myself out of my depressive cycle. It was a last ditch effort before completely leaving the vet med field. I didn't know if I could do it anymore and I wanted to try one last thing. 

  • AFTER COACHING... "After spending the time in this program, realizing how I could be feeling is very important to me. Knowing that I can make the changes and feel better is a very big motivator. I finally have some tools that I can use to be able to help keep myself on track. My depression has improved and I feel like I can deal with hardships a lot better than before this program." -Taylor M., Vet Tech


The What

Well-Being Coaching is the evidence-based, collaborative process that taps into your inner motivation and facilitates a change process through visioning, goal setting, and accountability to support lasting behavior changes!

It's important for us to note here...

Coaching is NOT therapy!

Therapy involves reflecting on experiences to process life events and emotions to treat mental health conditions, while coaching involves reflecting on experiences to gain information to help you move forward towards self-directed goals.

As a coach, I don't tell you what to do! Instead, we work together as a team to brainstorm what is realistic for you and co-create your action plan. Working together as a team allows you to discover, clarify, and align your actions with your goals and values to design your ideal life!

Expected Benefits of Well-Being Coaching

  • Increased self-efficacy

  • Acquisition of new knowledge and skills

  • Attainment of personal and professional goals

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Sustainable behavior change

  • Increased life satisfaction

  • Enhanced sense of meaning and purpose

  • Becoming your best self!


The How

Using our HIPPA-compliant platform, we host virtual meetings, set lifestyle change goals, and have secure messaging through the chat. In addition, you will have resources to complement your coaching program:

  • Video Replays

  • Workbooks

  • Handouts

  • Incentives

  • Coaching Alumni Group


Options Available:


Our most exclusive offer for clients to work one-on-one with Melyssa to create a personalized action plan along with individualized support and accountability.


Connect with other veterinary professionals on a journey to reclaim their well-being! These experiences are limited to 20 people in order to ensure a valuable experience for all participants

Teams & Companies

Get reimbursed using your company wellness dollars for our comprehensive, evidence-based program to bring to your teams.

**we are also a certified, woman-owned business

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